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How to CODE in Unity

Master the basics of C# scripting and finally start making your game

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A different kind of online course

If you've read my articles, or watched my YouTube videos, then you probably already know that I like to do deep-dives into what seem like very basic subjects, often answering the hidden questions that don't get answered elsewhere. How to CODE in Unity, Game Dev Beginner's first ever online course, is the same.

In this course I go in-depth into subjects that you'll use every single day when making games. Subjects like variables, functions, loops, how to work with numbers, how timing affects literally everything, and how to pass data around, in deep detail, so that you know how, why and when to use something.

You'll master the basics of scripting in Unity, so that you can confidently write your own scripts and finally start making your game.

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From nothing, to your first script, in a day

Learn how to write a script in Unity and what to put in it, even if you've never written code before.

Master the basics of scripting in Unity

Instead of sample projects, you'll dive deep into the basics, and learn real, long-lasting skills.

Start making your game

Learn to solve problems with code, how to create gameplay and get the confidence to finally start your game.

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Feedback I've received

"This is amazing! Structured, well-explained with no useless info... "


"...really different from what would you expect from similar videos explaining the same topic..."


"...I wish all tutorials were made like this. Amazing work." 


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In this full length sample lesson, you'll learn how variables work in Unity. You'll learn the difference between value and reference types in C#, how simple and literal values work, and how to create and use variable collections.

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What's Included

Module One

Beginner basics

How to write functions

Anatomy of a script

Coroutines (made easy)

Creating gameplay with code

How to work with numbers

Variables in Unity - Watch Free

Loops & Iterators

Conditions & Operators

Connecting scripts together

Intro to scripting in Unity

How to find (and fix) problems 

When do things happen

Module Two

Solving problems with scripts

Scriptable Objects

 Structs / Plain Classes / Enums


Singletons & Statics

Events & Delegates


Setters / Getters

Avoiding performance problems

Scripting best practice

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Exclusive access to the private Game Dev Beginner Discord server

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Module One - 1st July 2024
Module Two - Autumn 2024

Results Guarantee

You'll get private support, access to group sessions, and ongoing updates to the course to help you fully understand the basic of writing code in Unity.

Money-Back Guarantee

If you've changed your mind, or if you don't feel like the course has helped you, I'll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the course be available?

The course is planned for pre-release in Spring 2024. Module One will be available on 1st July 2024, and Module Two is planned for release by Autumn 2024.

How does Pre-Ordering work?

The course will be available to pre-order at a discount from Spring 2024. Pre-purchase customers will receive the course in two parts, Module One on 1st July and Module Two by Autumn 2024. When this happens, your Pre Order purchase will be automatically converted to a full product licence, and you'll receive an email inviting you to access your course content. 

How much will the course cost?

The current planned full release price is $79. Pre-Purchase customers will be able to purchase the full course in limited quantities at $39.

How does the Discord server access work?

After your purchase, you'll be able to join the private Game Dev Beginner Discord server. Here you'll be able to discuss the course with other students, and with me directly, so that it can be made to be more suitable for you and the problems you're facing as a new developer. Click the View Content button in your confirmation email for more information on how to access the Discord server.

Why are pre-orders limited?

Pre-orders are limited so that I can Guarantee Results. Ongoing course support will be offered via the Game Dev Beginner Discord server, where you'll be able to talk to me privately, attend group Q&A sessions and raise questions in our forums. Put simply, if there's anything in the course that doesn't make sense to you, I'll help you to understand it.

To be able to offer this, the course will be sold in limited quantities in phases, and may be temporarily unavailable while I respond to current student feedback and support.

What's your refund policy?

If you change your mind about the course for any reason in the first 30 days, I'll refund you. For Pre-Order customers, your refund period is 30 days after receiving all of the course content.

Who is this course for?

The purpose of this course is to give you the knowledge and the skills to use scripting to create your own games, from scratch, in Unity. It's suitable for anyone who wants to have a better understanding of scripting basics, including complete beginners who have never written a script before.

I already know some code, will I find the course useful?

The course provides a deep-dive into Unity's scripting basics. While it is aimed at beginners, if you're a self-taught developer, at any level, you'll probably still find the course useful and may still learn things that you didn't know before. And, if not, you'll have 30 days to get a full refund, no questions asked.

How is this course different from other tutorials?

Many tutorials, videos and articles, including many of my own, tend to focus on a single example, sample project, or mechanic. Which, if that's what you want to learn, is absolutely fine. But, the problem with that is, when you actually try to build something for yourself, it can be very difficult to know what to do.

Instead, this course won't show you how to build a sample project, it will show you how to build any project, by giving you a good understanding of the basics of scripting that you can apply to anything you make.

Will you continue to make free articles and videos?

Yes! One of Game Dev Beginner's core principles is making easy to use tutorials that are free for everyone, so you can expect to continue to see new articles and videos released on my blog and on my YouTube channel just like always.

How will the course be different from your free content?

While my articles and videos provide a general overview of specific concepts, the lessons in this course will focus on practical use cases and start-finish demonstrations that, combined, aim to give you a complete set of basic skills.