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Many of the posts on this website allow you to leave comments and discuss the article with other readers.

Your comments are greatly appreciated. They contribute to the conversation of an article and provide valuable feedback about how helpful it was.

Please note, however, that this is not a public forum. All comments are moderated, to prevent spam and to support conversation that is helpful and constructive.

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Why a comment may be rejected

Generally, all well-meaning comments from real people are approved, whether negative or positive.

Below you’ll find the general rules for which comments are approved or rejected.

  1. Spam comments

    All Spam comments will always be rejected. These generally include any comment with an author URL or a link in the comment itself. 

  2. Offensive or abusive comments

    Comments that are abusive, provocative or generally offensive will always be rejected. Be nice to each other please.

  3. Off-topic comments

    Comments that are clearly off-topic or inappropriate will usually be rejected.

  4. Unhelpful comments

    Comments that are considered to be unhelpful will sometimes be rejected. By all means, correct, challenge, criticise, disagree, but do so in a way that helps readers to understand more, not less. An example of an unhelpful comment could be a reader stating “You shouldn’t do that” in response to a tutorial article, but without explaining why. Such comments are part of the reason that forums can be so unhelpful for beginners. In many cases comments like this will be allowed but challenged, in extreme cases they will be rejected.

  5. The article no longer accepts comments

    Comments may be disabled for specific articles (for example if the article is old). There are no precise guidelines as to when I might lock an article’s comments, other than when allowing comments is no longer considered to be helpful or manageable for an article.